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Research Article November 26 2019
Sizing rainwater harvesting systems for animal watering in semi-arid regions
Research Article November 20 2019
Review of sustainable solar powered water supply system design approach by Water Mission Malawi
Research Article November 14 2019
Why applying THP on waste activated sludge makes sense: psyttalia – Athens case study
Research Article November 14 2019
Analysis of the characteristics of poultry slaughterhouse wastewater (PSW) and its treatability
Research Article November 12 2019
Comparative performance of regression and the Markov based approach in the prediction of the future condition of a water distribution pipe network amidst data scarce situations: a case study of Kampala water, Uganda
Research Article November 12 2019
Changes in bacterial composition during in vitro oil degradation experiments using activated sludge from different sources
Research Article November 5 2019
Use of diluted poultry manure as a low-cost emulsifier for anaerobic digestion of used cooking oil
Research Article November 1 2019
Phenol removal from aqueous solution using silica and activated carbon derived from rice husk
Research Article October 24 2019
Evaluation of a domestic wastewater treatment plant at an intermediate city in Cochabamba, Bolivia
Research Article October 22 2019
Comparison between experimental results of different technologies for arsenic removal from water intended for human consumption
Research Article October 14 2019
Influence of wall atomizer to condensation rate in flashing purification
Research Article September 28 2019
Overview of surface water hazards in China coalmines
Research Article September 28 2019
Estimating the impact of inhibitory substances on activated sludge denitrification process
Research Article September 24 2019
Design and construction of household ventilated improved pit latrines: gaps between conventional technical guidelines and construction practices in Cape Coast, Ghana
Research Article September 24 2019
Biopaq®ICX: The next generation high rate anaerobic reactor proves itself at full scale
Research Article September 20 2019
Anaerobic/aerobic integration via UASB/enhanced aeration for greywater treatment and unrestricted reuse
Research Article September 16 2019
Statistical analysis on the removal of malachite green dye using active carbons of Achyranthes aspera and Allamanda blanchetii plants
Research Article September 11 2019
A framework for cost-benefit assessment of alternative sediment management strategies in Dez hydropower reservoir: A probabilistic approach
Research Article August 30 2019
Online monitoring and control of drinking water corrosion potential at a full-scale plant
Research Article August 27 2019
Development of a knowledge transfer support system for water treatment technology
Research Article December 8 2018
Masking agent efficiency on odor removal from WWTP sludge drying process
Research Article December 8 2018
Use of bank filtration systems in the sub-tropical region of the lower Brahmaputra valley
Research Article December 8 2018
Future proof decentralised sludge recycling Elodry-pro®
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