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Research Article May 6 2021
Gray water treatment by air-gap multi-effect membrane distillation with pre-treatment by electrocoagulation
Research Article May 4 2021
Comparative study of acid mine drainage using different neutralization methods
Research Article May 4 2021
First investigations on removal of nitrazepam from water using biochar derived from macroalgae low-cost adsorbent: kinetics, isotherms and thermodynamics studies
Research Article April 30 2021
Application of optical properties in water purification quality testing
Research Article April 15 2021
Effect of L-shaped slots on scour around a bridge abutment
Research Article April 12 2021
An evaluation of microplastics fate in the wastewater treatment plants: frequency and removal of microplastics by microfiltration membrane
Research Article April 1 2021
Utilization of hydrochar derived from waste paper sludge through hydrothermal liquefaction for the remediation of phenol contaminated industrial wastewater
Research Article March 31 2021
Coffee residue-based activated carbons for phenol removal
Research Article March 30 2021
Modeling climate change impacts on crop water demand, middle Awash River basin, case study of Berehet woreda
Research Article March 30 2021
Energy-water nexus in East Iraq: capacity potential analysis and spatial assessment for an integrated CSP solar power & RO brackish water desalination plant in Khanaqin area
Research Article March 29 2021
Chromium and nickel metal ions removal from contaminated water using Nigerian bentonite clay
Research Article March 29 2021
Investigating opportunities for use of alternative coagulants for drinking water treatment at Morton Jaffray Water Treatment works, Harare, Zimbabwe
Research Article March 24 2021
Kinetic study of biogas production from anaerobic digestion of vinasse waste
Research Article March 23 2021
Removal of pollutants by mycelium colonized sawdust
Research Article March 17 2021
Current water main rehabilitation practice using trenchless technology
Research Article December 8 2018
Masking agent efficiency on odor removal from WWTP sludge drying process
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