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Water and Environmental Solutions for Adaptation to Global Change Pressures in Developing Countries




Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6, 7, 11, and 13 of the United Nations aim to increase access to safe water and sanitation, affordable and sustainable energy, mitigating impacts to climate change, and making cities sustainable. However, the little progress made particularly in developing countries is being outstripped by increasing global change pressures such as urbanisation, climate change, and anthropogenic changes. This has brought into focus the urgent need for innovative approaches, analyses, models, and solutions that are tailored to the unique conditions that often exist in developing countries as a way of understanding and accelerating progress towards the achievement of the aforementioned SDG targets. In addition to this capacity building and training should be an essential part of the innovations and solution development process. To deal with some of the aforementioned challenges, the IDRC funded project titled Building Capacity in Water Engineering for Addressing Sustainable Development Goals in East Africa (CAWESDEA) has contributed towards finding practical solutions to the Water Resources Engineering and management in collaboration with the industry to accelerate progress towards achieving SDGs.

Accordingly, the CAWESDEA project would like to promote a Special Issue of the journal of Water Practice and Technology, by inviting all participants of the CAWESDEA Project as well as other Water and Environmental Practitioners globally to present research output on innovative water and environmental approaches, analyses, models, and solutions that are tailored to the adaptation to global change pressures as well as the unique challenges that often exist in developing countries. All these are aimed at improved quantification and subsequent holistic management for accelerating progress towards achieving SDG targets 6, 7, 11, and 13.


Relevant topics include:

  • Water Infrastructure and Asset Management
  • Impact of global change pressures and prediction of hydrologic processes and water resources
  • Water technologies
  • Catchment and surface Hydrology
  • Hydrological Extremes-Prediction , Impact Assessments, and Monitoring
  • Flood Hazard Modeling and vulnerability mapping
  • Water quality modeling monitoring and relationships with global change pressures
  • Groundwater, Irrigation and Drainagemanagement
  • Integrated Water Resources Management
  • Hydropower Dam and Reservoir Sedimentation
  • Water and Environmental sustainability
  • Socio-economic impacts, Gender mainstreaming , Capacity Building, Institutions and Governance


Key dates:

  • Deadline for manuscript submission: 30 October, 2021
  • Expected publication: February, 2022



  • Dr. Victor Kongo, Global Water Partnership, Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania
  • Dr. Eng. Jotham Ivan Sempewo,Makerere University , Kampala, Uganda
  • Dr. Job Kosgei,Moi University , Eldoret, Kenya
  • Dr. Subira Munishi,University of Dar-es-Salaam, Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania


How to submit:

Please make sure that your paper follows the Instructions to Authors, before submitting your paper directly to Water Practice and Technology’s peer review system: choosing the article type – ‘Special Issue Article OA’ and the submission category – ‘Special Issue: CAWESDEA 2021’. This will send your paper to one of the Guest Editors.


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