A student award is given at each CAWQ regional symposium for the best oral presentation. This award was created as a memorial to the late Philip H. Jones, who was a founding and longstanding member of the CAWQ. It includes a first place cash prize of $300 and a second place cash prize of $200 at the closing ceremony of the symposium; a one-year joint CAWQ-IWA membership, including a subscription to the Water Quality Research Journal; the publication of the names of winning students in an issue of the journal and on the CAWQ website; a certificate acknowledging his/her performance; and a formal invitation from the CAWQ president to submit his/her work for peer review and eventual publication in the Water Quality Research Journal.

Antoine Boyer

University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

‘Strontium-90 and Wetland Organic Matter Interactions’

52ndCentral Canadian Symposium on Water Quality Research...

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Article PDF first page preview
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