Metal leachate from sediment cores obtained from seven lakes around Noranda Copper smelter in Quebec exhibited maximum levels of 7297 μg/g, 14469 μg/g and 246750 μg/g of Cu, Zn and Fe respectively in lakes near the emissions source, and lower levels in lakes away from the smelter. The sediment enrichment factor (SEF) among these lakes varied with respect to distance from the smelter. Lakes within 10 km from the smelter had an (SEF) of 166, 118 and 130 for Cu, Zn and Pb respectively; lakes at 25 km or more had SEF's ranging from 1 to 5.5, with the exception being lake Duparquet, where Mo value of 25 was obtained. These enrichment factors are among the highest recorded in the world.

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