This paper gives the results of part of a systematic investigation into contaminant toxicity to Photobacterium phosphoreum in the Microtox™ test. Reported are the toxicity values for 39 para-chloro substituted benzene derivatives of the general formula l-Cl-C6h4-4-X=CH2CH(NH2)COOH, F, SO2NH2, OCH2COOH, CH2COOH, CONHNH2, NHCOCH3, CONH2, CH=CHCOOH, SeOOH, CH2NH2, CH2CH2NH2, NO2, H, CF3, CHO, CH2OH, OH, CH3, CCl3, COCH3, COOH, NH2, SO2C6H5, Cl, CH2COCH3, COCl, CN, OCH3, NCO, NHCH3, I, COC6H5, CH2Cl, SH, CH2SH, NCS, CH2CN and SO2C6H4Cl. Except for the last compound, whose solubility is below the required concentration, the toxicities increase in the presented order with a total range of more than three orders of magnitude.

The data are discussed in terms of quantitative structure-toxicity correlations with compound-specific structural parameters. In combination with a previously developed submodel on chlorinated benzenes, phenols, nitrobenzenes and anilines, the observed relationships allow the prediction of the toxicity of some 780 possible chloro derivatives of the general formula C6H5-nClnX, where n=<5 and X is a functional group as listed above.

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