Aerial photography of the perimeters of two landfilled areas in British Columbia was acquired in colour and infrared emulsions. The photography was examined for evidence of leakage, or flooding of the leachate collection ditches surrounding the landfill and vegetation stress caused by the landfilling.

At. one site the photography was acquired using a miniature experimental remotely piloted aircraft. This aircraft carries two gimbal-mounted 35 mm cameras which allow simultaneous vertical photography using two different film emulsions, different lenses, and/or filter combinations. At the second landfill site, oblique aerial photography was acquired from a Cessna 172 aircraft.

Preliminary interpretation of the photography was followed by visits to locations where possible problems associated with leachate containment were apparent. The results indicated several locations where leachate was not fully contained by the ditch network and some areas of vegetation stress.

Further studies at the second site confirmed that improved containment was effective in preventing further environmental damage.

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