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Research Article July 3 2020
Advanced oxidation processes employment for the degradation of lamivudine: kinetic assessment, toxicity study and mathematical modeling
Research Article June 16 2020
Utility of a multi-tracer approach as a component of adaptive monitoring for municipal wastewater impacts
Editorial May 28 2020
Editorial - L'avenir est prometteur. L'avenir est ouvert!
Research Article May 26 2020
SARS-CoV-2 known and unknowns, implications for the water sector and wastewater-based epidemiology to support national responses worldwide: early review of global experiences with the COVID-19 pandemic
Correction April 16 2020
Corrigendum: Water Quality Research Journal 54(4), 326–337: Manganese removal processes at 10 groundwater fed full-scale drinking water treatment plants
Research Article April 6 2020
Towards developing a low-cost gravity-driven arsenic filtration system using iron oxide nanoparticle-loaded PU foam
Research Article April 2 2020
Effects of sampling frequency on estimation accuracies of annual loadings for water quality parameters in different sized watersheds
Research Article March 27 2020
Chromium removal from water using modified organic materials: A review
Research Article March 19 2020
Potential effects and impacts of a coal spill on sensitive aquatic habitat: a weight-of-evidence sediment quality assessment
Research Article March 16 2020
Land-use based modeling approach for determining freshwater nitrate loadings from small agricultural watersheds
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