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Research Article March 19 2020
Preliminary investigation into the claims of the IBROM system
Research Article March 19 2020
Potential effects and impacts of a coal spill on sensitive aquatic habitat: a weight-of-evidence sediment quality assessment
Research Article March 16 2020
Land-use based modeling approach for determining freshwater nitrate loadings from small agricultural watersheds
Research Article March 13 2020
The removal efficiency of iron and manganese from pre-ozonated groundwater using limestone filter
Research Article March 9 2020
Development of a water quality index for watercourses downstream of harvested peatlands
Research Article February 19 2020
Evaluation of the Crosta method for the retrieval of water quality parameters from remote sensing data in the Pearl River estuary
Research Article January 28 2020
Ozonation of natural organic matter and aquatic humic substances: the effects of ozone on the structural characteristics and subsequent trihalomethane formation potential
Research Article January 3 2020
Removal of trihalomethanes from high organic matter water sources using aeration: a feasibility study
Research Article November 26 2019
Impact of mixing intensity on dissolved oxygen half-velocity constants in a sidestream deammonification environment
Research Article October 11 2019
Kinetic and equilibrium studies on the adsorption of Direct Red 23 dye from aqueous solution using montmorillonite nanoclay
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