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Research Article January 3 2020
The removal of trihalomethanes from high organic matter water sources using aeration: a feasibility study
Research Article November 26 2019
Impact of mixing intensity on dissolved oxygen half-velocity constants in a sidestream deammonification environment
Research Article October 11 2019
Kinetic and equilibrium studies on the adsorption of Direct Red 23 dye from aqueous solution using montmorillonite nanoclay
Research Article September 26 2019
Water quality response to river flow regime at three major rivers in Alberta
Research Article September 17 2019
A global scan of how the issue of nutrient loading and harmful algal blooms is being addressed by governments, non-governmental organizations, and volunteers
Research Article August 7 2019
The removal efficiency of total coliform, Escherichia coli, suspended solids, UV254 and colour using Zeliac filter in riverbank filtration system
Research Article August 5 2019
Remediation of bio-refinery wastewater containing organic and inorganic toxic pollutants by adsorption onto chitosan-based magnetic nanosorbent
Research Article July 29 2019
Prediction of dissolved oxygen in urban rivers at the Three Gorges Reservoir, China: extreme learning machines (ELM) versus artificial neural network (ANN)
Research Article July 18 2019
Decision tree techniques to assess the role of daily DO variation in classifying shallow eutrophicated lakes in Hanoi, Vietnam
Research Article July 15 2019
Effects of habitat and pulp and paper mill contamination on a population of brook stickleback (Culaea inconstans)
Research Article July 8 2019
Exploring private water wells for fecal sources and evidence of pathogen presence in the context of current testing practices for potability in Ontario
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