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Aims & Scope

The Water Quality Research Journal publishes Open Access peer-reviewed, scholarly articles on the following general subject areas:

  • Impact of current and emerging contaminants on aquatic ecosystems
  • Aquatic ecology (ecohydrology and ecohydraulics, invasive species, biodiversity, and aquatic species at risk)
  • Conservation and protection of aquatic environments
  • Responsible resource development and water quality (mining, forestry, hydropower, oil and gas)
  • Drinking water, wastewater and stormwater treatment technologies and strategies
  • Impacts and solutions of diffuse pollution (urban and agricultural run-off) on water quality
  • Industrial water quality
  • Used water: Reuse and resource recovery
  • Groundwater quality (management, remediation, fracking, legacy contaminants)
  • Assessment of surface and subsurface water quality
  • Regulations, economics, strategies and policies related to water quality
  • Social science issues in relation to water quality
  • Water quality in remote areas
  • Water quality in cold climates

The Water Quality Research Journal is a quarterly publication. It is a forum for original research dealing with the aquatic environment, and should report new and significant findings that advance the understanding of the field. Critical review articles are especially encouraged.

Water Quality Research Journal publishes four issues a year in February, May, August and November.

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