In 1995 the new Skullerud water treatment plant was put into operation. The new water treatment includes colour removal and corrosion control with an increase of pH, alkalinity and calcium concentration in addition to the old treatment, which included straining and chlorination only. Comparative measurements of internal corrosion were conducted before and after the installation of the new treatment plant. The effect of the new water treatment on the internal corrosion was approximately a 20% reduction in iron corrosion and a 70% reduction in copper corrosion. The heavy metals content in standing water was reduced by approximately 90%. A separate internal corrosion monitoring programme was conducted, studying the effects of other water qualities on the internal corrosion rate. Corrosion coupons were exposed to the different water qualities for nine months. The results showed that the best protection of iron was achieved with water supersaturated with calcium carbonate. Neither a high content of free carbon dioxide or the use of the corrosion inhibitor sodium silicate significantly reduced the iron corrosion rate compared to the present treated water quality. The copper corrosion rate was mainly related to the pH in the water.

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