This paper gives an overview of the evolution of city drainage in ancient China, and analyzes the achievement of drainage of such cities as Pingliangtai in Henan province, Xibo of Shang Dynasty, Linzi, the capital of the State of Qi, Chang'an, the capital of Han and Tang Dynasties, Kaifeng, the Eastern Capital of Northern Song Dynasty, Ganzhou, Dadu, the capital of Yuan Dynasty; and Beijing, the capital of Ming and Qing Dynasties. This paper also sums up the characteristics and the management experiences of the drainage facilities of ancient Chinese cities, including drainage system management methods, rules and laws about drainage in different eras, and overall principles of ancient city water systems. At present, most major cities in China are facing issues relating to drainage systems and city water systems. These cities are often bothered by floods and other water-related problems. Learning from the ancestors' experience would be important and necessary for modern planners and decision makers. Therefore this paper may be used for reference in modern city planning and construction.

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