The object of this paper is to provide a flowmeter data validation/reconstruction methodology that determines the annual economic efficiency of a water transport network. In this paper, the case of Aigües Ter Llobregat (ATLL) company, which manages 80% of the overall water transport network in Catalonia (Spain), will be used for illustrating purposes. Economic network efficiency is based on daily data set collected by the company using about 200 flowmeters of the network. Data collected using these sensors are used by remote control and information storage systems and they are stored in a relational database. All information provided by ATLL is analysed to detect inconsistent data using an automatic data validation method deployed in parallel with the network efficiency evaluation. As a result of the validation process, corrections of flow measurements and of billed water volume are introduced. Results from ATLL water transport network corresponding to year 2010 will be used to illustrate the approach proposed in this paper.

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