Mineral water is the main source of drinking water and is a dominant component of local economic development in Fusong County, Changbai Mountain, Jilin Province of China. Precipitation is the main recharge factor for mineral water in Fusong County; therefore, it is necessary to determine whether precipitation can effectively guarantee the supply of mineral water resources. In this study, precipitation data from the Donggang hydrological station in Fusong County were collected and analyzed to determine annual changes in characteristics and extreme probability. The results show that precipitation is stable and that the probability of extreme precipitation is small. Precipitation and mineral spring discharge in the Mingshui, Baixi, No. 2 Jinjiang, and Laoling springs were then collected and analyzed for separate periods by using a continuous wavelet method. The results show that the main oscillation period of both precipitation and spring discharge is approximately 11 months. Finally, the cross-wavelet method is conducted to analyze the period relationships between spring discharge and precipitation. The results show that both precipitation and spring discharge share the same phase, which indicates spring discharge has an immediate reaction to precipitation changes.

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