The performance of onsite rainwater harvesting (RWH) system in Mediterranean climate was assessed. A stochastic model quantifying the necessary storage, as a function of rainfall (frequency, depth), roof area, residents’ number, specific water use (toilet flushing, laundry) and the required efficiency was developed. Two performance indicators were calculated: water saving efficiency (RSE) – proportion of water used supplied by the RWH system; and rainwater use efficiency (RUE) – proportion of rainwater actually used. The maximum storage capacity and WSE decreased with increasing number of residents for a given roof area, and with an increasing roof area for constant number of residents. For variable storage volume, RUE increased with increasing storage capacity and reached a maximum with an increase in residents’ number and a decrease in the roof area. The model enables to determine WSE and RUE for specific storage volumes or to determine the desired WSE and calculate the necessary storage.

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