This study is motivated by the need to understand the temperature dynamics and warm-water temperature withdrawal. This study also recognizes the need for an environmental assessment of the proposed temperature control schemes at New Fengman Dam. An unsteady three-dimensional (3D) non-hydrostatic model is used in the present study to predict the hydrodynamics and thermal dynamics in the forebay and intakes of the New Fengman Dam. The numerical model is validated using hydrodynamic data collected from a 1:120 entire physical model and 1:30 local model in the present paper. The numerical and experimental results indicate that the Stop Log Gate has no effect on warm-water withdrawal. After dam reconstruction, the reservoir release temperatures can be increased from 4.0 °C to 6.0 °C to improve the habitat of native fishes. The cancellation of the Stop Log Gate program is recommended; the old dam meets the performance objectives for temperature increase.

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