The only practicable way to control the disinfection capability of a UV disinfection plant for drinking water all the time is to use a UV radiometer. According to the Austrian Standard M5873, this plant radiometer is a standardized part of each plant. The standard defines a so-called reference radiometer (RRM) as well. This is necessary because a plant radiometer has to be controlled periodically. A RRM is a hand-held device which has to fulfil high-quality criteria and must be almost insensitive to environmental conditions. In this paper the principles of the concept behind the RRM are explained together with the requirements of such a device. Further on, the test methods are presented as well as a summary of test results from all RRMs developed during the past 15 years. It is shown that the radiation monitoring concept of the Austrian Standard has been successfully practicable and that the international acceptance of the Austrian Standard is justified.

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