This study was conducted to evaluate the wetland water quality (WWQ) over a period of 3 years and establish relationships between these qualities using Ramsar site Uchali Wetland, Pakistan (32 °33′N, 72 °01′E). WWQ data obtained were subjected to summary statistics, generalized linear model (glm), correlation, covariance and cluster analysis. The glm of the monthly mean water indices showed that the mean returned for pH (2.57) was not significant while means for others were significant (p < 0.05). The correlation analysis of the WWQ indices indicated that 56% of the pairing indices were inversely correlated while 44% were directly correlated and three piles of clusters of WWQ indices were distinct. The wetland water is not very safe for drinking but safe for other non-domestic uses since it contains fewer microbes and the water health model as arrived at in this study provides a management protocol for wetland water.

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