This paper describes the benefits of applying a risk pathway method as an evidence-based whole of supply chain risk assessment approach in the delivery of efficient and effective quality management frameworks for water. It presents a new approach for assessing water service provision risk that considers the chronology of the series of causes, impacts and consequences to business outcomes including reputational, public health and supply continuity. The approach allows assessment of the relationship between causes and impacts, the potential for threat convergence, and the appropriateness, effectiveness, interdependence and criticality of controls. The provision of whole-of-system risk visibility allows better targeting of controls along the supply chain in preventive, detective or corrective timeframes, and at local site to corporate business levels. The approach allows enabling functions of the business such as information technology, human resources and safety to be assessed within the context of supply quality and continuity. An example of the application of this method to provision of water services shows the benefits of the method. Application of the methodology to the assessment of the whole-of-business risk is discussed.

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