Tailings reservoirs generally consist of a tailings dam, a tailings conveying system and a drainage system, which are indispensable facilities and provide security and environmental protection for storing tailings and clarifying water in some industries (e.g., metallurgy, non-ferrous building materials, nuclear and chemical industries). Consequently, consolidating seepage prevention and treatment is important. When applied to seepage prevention works for tailings reservoirs, current seepage prevention technologies can cause destruction of the dam and require further construction sites. It is therefore essential to adopt new types of advanced and practical technologies. Aimed at studying the feasibility of the application of non-water reaction polymer grouting technology in seepage prevention of tailings reservoirs and acquiring the properties for practical engineering, an analysis of the environmental impact, chemical resistance and permeability of the polymer material, and the main technical characteristics of the polymer cutoff wall was conducted. The test results showed that the polymer grouting technology applied to seepage prevention works of a tailings reservoir caused little disturbance to the dam, possessed good anti-seepage performance and perfect durability. This study may provide a reference for the seepage control of tailings reservoirs.

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