Sevan trout is an endemic fish species, registered in the Red Data Book of Armenian Animals as a ‘Critically Endangered’ species (IUCN category: CR A2cd) and is one of the most valuable fish of the Armenian ichthyofauna. For the purpose of preservation of this endangered fish species, rivers in the South-West part of Lake Sevan have been studied and their potential for spawning has been assessed through a relatively ‘cheap’ and ‘time-saving’ approach developed on the basis of hydrophysical, hydrochemical and hydrobiological studies. The results have shown that the highest potential to support natural reproduction of Sevan trout is in the middlestream part of Lichq river, as well as in the downstream part of Bakhtak river and the part of Bakhtak-Tsakqar system near the connection of the Bakhtak and Tsakqar rivers; however, all these areas need some remediation to achieve ‘high potential’.

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