In the current study, modified version of the penguins search optimization algorithm (PeSOA) was introduced, and its usage was assessed in the water resources field. In the modified version (MPeSOA), the Gaussian exploration was added to the algorithm. The MPeSOA performance was evaluated in optimal operation of a hypothetical four-reservoir system and Karun-4 reservoir as a real world problem. Also, genetic algorithm (GA) was used as a criterion for evaluating the performance of PeSOA and MPeSOA. The results revealed that in a four-reservoir system problem, the PeSOA performance was much weaker than the GA; but on the other hand, the MPeSOA had better performance than the GA. In the mentioned problem, PeSOA, GA, and MPeSOA reached 78.43, 97.46, and 98.30% of the global optimum, respectively. In the operation of Karun-4 reservoir, although PeSOA performance had less difference with the two other algorithms than four-reservoir problem, its performance was not acceptable. The average values of objective function in this case were equal to 26.49, 23.84, and 21.48 for PeSOA, GA, and MPeSOA, respectively. According to the results obtained in the operation of Karun-4 reservoir, the algorithms including MPeSOA, GA, and PeSOA were situated in ranks one to three in terms of efficiency, respectively.

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