The objective of this study is to investigate the sorption of methyl parathion (MP) pesticide from aqueous solution using Typha australis leaf powder as an alternative low cost biosorbent. The effects of various parameters such as adsorbent dosage and contact time are studied using the batch technique. Kinetics models (pseudo-first and pseudo-second orders) and isotherms models (Langmuir and Freundlich) are used to fit the experimental data by linear and non-linear methods. The results show that the pseudo-second order kinetics model is the best for describing the adsorption of MP by Typha australis for all initial MP concentrations. The equilibrium data fit well with the Langmuir model, suggesting the existence of monolayer adsorption of MP. Typha australis leaf powder can be considered as a new useful low cost natural biosorbent for pesticide clean up operations in aquatic systems.

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