Reservoir operation charts have been widely researched and applied to reservoir operation. However, these achievements are generally used for a single reservoir and have rarely been applied to cascade reservoirs. Considering the requirements of flood control and water supply, this paper studied the extraction and application of energy storage operation chart (ESOC) for cascade reservoirs. Steps in the methodology mainly include: (1) model building of cascade reservoirs operation optimization (CROO), (2) extracting ESOC based on discriminant coefficient method (DCM) and CROO model, (3) simulation operation of ESOC based on DCM, (4) choosing the optimal ESOC and verifying its efficiency through the results. Cascade reservoirs in the Yangtze River of China were selected for a case study. Compared with the conventional operation method, the simulation results show that the ESOC presents better performance in terms of power generation, guaranteed output and assurance rate. In detail, the annual power generation of ESOC can be increased by 0.9%, the total guaranteed output can be increased by 3.4% and the assurance rate can be increased by 9.6%, which indicates that the proposed ESOC method can greatly improve the hydropower energy efficiency and reliability of cascade reservoirs’ power supply.

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