The ancient civilizations of China and Greece, in the east and the west, have both subsequently deeply influenced other civilizations, regionally and across the world. Water management played a significant role in both civilizations and evidence demonstrates that many principles and technologies were generated by them, throughout both civilizations' long histories. As a result, they significantly influenced the ancient world broadly, some of which are still functioning up till this present time. This study comprises the following: methodology, hydrogeology, aqueducts and water impounds, water and wastewater mains, runoff management, agricultural irrigation, as well as the use of water for recreation purposes. Usually, urban hydro-technologies reflect a progressive situation in water management. Thus, both civilizations have also achieved urban water management. Therefore, for the purpose of understanding the role of water management in ancient civilizations and their similarities and differences beyond their geography, a comparison of urban hydro-technologies was selectively developed through the long history of the ancient Chinese and Greek civilizations, which also features the basic principle of water management in the human societies beyond these two civilizations.

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