As the water diversion reservoir showed high organic matter and high algae in summer, the potassium permanganate pre-oxidation/dissolved air flotation/carbon sand double filter process was developed. The test results show that the optimum operation conditions of the combined process were as follows: the dosage of KMnO4 was 0.3 mg/L, the dosage of polymeric aluminum ferric chloride (PAFC) was 3.0 mg/L (Al3+), the reflux ratio was 10%, and the dissolved gas pressure was 0.3 Mpa. Taking Ji'nan Queshan reservoir water algae pollution as the research object, the average removal rate of chlorophyll a, blue-green algae, turbidity, particle number and total organic carbon (TOC) reached 66.64%, 95.44%, 94.45%, 99.34% and 46.68%, respectively; the methylisoborneol (MIB) removal rate was 92.47%, the odor level decreased with process flow from raw water level 4 to effluent level 1.5, geosmin (GSM) dropped below the detection limit, and the total removal rate of trihalomethane formation potential (THMFP) was 33.56%. The effluent of the combined process meets the requirements of the Hygienic Standard for Drinking Water (GB5749-2006) after it is disinfected.

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