This study aims to investigate existing water management problems and potential solutions in the Al-Mafraq Governorate of Jordan, and to examine public awareness of water demand management at the household level. A questionnaire survey captured residents' perceptions of water quantity and quality. Results showed that 71% of respondents find the water pumped from the public system to be insufficient, and 40.9% find that water laws and regulations are implemented ineffectively. The study also showed that 85% of respondents are dependent upon groundwater wells, and 42.5% of respondents have suffered water contamination. Water quality is degraded due to pollution caused by solid waste and liquids, and salinity is increased due to the over-pumping and depletion of groundwater resources. The study recommends that the government incentivize residents to harvest water to deal with water shortages, religious motivations be explored in water conservation efforts, and water authorities should repair or replace old pipelines.

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