Samples of turbid water prepared under laboratory controlled conditions were tested using natural coagulant-flocculant Moringa oleifera seeds from Burundi, Central Africa, and from Mahajanga, Madagascar. Coagulation-flocculation and sedimentation experiments were conducted using jar test equipment. For these tests, 5% Moringa oleifera solutions (w/w in water) were prepared using shelled and non-shelled seeds from the aforementioned countries. The results show that, in both cases, the shelled seeds provide much higher turbidity removal than the non-shelled ones. In addition, the volume of sludge produced was approximately 30% of that of conventional coagulants such as alum. Finally, it was concluded that seeds from Burundi were of superior quality than those of Madagascar. In fact, higher dosages of these seeds, of up to four times, were required in order to attain the same level of turbidity as the Burundi seeds.

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