Determining the microbial quality of drinking water by assessing the presence/absence (P/A) or enumeration of indicator bacteria continues to be widely practiced worldwide. However, rapid tests are required for microbiological water quality assessment so that the information is available in the shortest possible time for initiating a timely intervention. Traditional methods for the enumeration of indicator bacteria are not only expensive but also need trained personnel. We have developed a low-cost kit, MColiPAT, and have validated its application for detection of coliforms in drinking water using the IDEXX Colilert-18 Quanti tray method. MColiPAT kit medium was able to detect coliforms down to a level of 3.1 MPN/100 ml within 10.5 hours. The sensitivity and specificity of the kit were 95.45% and 100% respectively. MColiPAT is found to be reliable and accurate for the detection of coliforms in drinking water.

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