In skimming flow, a uniform flow can be achieved and the flow depth, velocity and air concentration remain constant if a stepped spillway is sufficiently long. In this study, physical model experiments were performed to investigate the uniform characteristics and energy dissipation of a hydraulic-jump-stepped spillway, which is a new type of stepped spillway for increasing the unit discharge capacity and energy dissipation. Based on the redefinition of uniform flow, experimental results show that at a given stepped spillway slope, a smaller height for the beginning of the uniform flow region, a greater uniform aerated flow depth and a greater uniform equivalent clear water flow depth can be obtained as compared with the traditional stepped spillway due to strong aeration in the aeration basin. Under the condition of uniform flow, the energy dissipation rate of stepped spillways can be estimated by the equivalent clear water flow depth with given inflow conditions. Compared with the traditional stepped spillway, the uniform flow over the hydraulic-jump-stepped spillway has a smaller specific energy, revealing that the hydraulic-jump-stepped spillway is more advantageous for dissipating energy, especially at large unit discharges.

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