In 1999 and 2000, IWA Task Forces on Water Losses and Performance Indicators published their conclusions of over three years research, analysis and discussions. For the topics of Non-Revenue Water, Water Losses, Apparent Losses and Real Losses, these included:

  • a recommended standard terminology, with definitions and procedures for assessing these components of the Annual Water Balance;

  • recommended performance indicators for each of these components.

This work represents a major step forward in defining the “best practice” approach to assessing and presenting components of Non-Revenue Water, for more rational comparisons of performance in diverse systems within a single organisation, within the same country, and between countries. The 21 members of the Water Services Association of Australia (WSAA) provide water and wastewater services to 12.9 million Australians. WSAA seeks to promote “best practice”, and act as a national focus for all interested parties. In February 2000 WSAA organised a national Workshop in Melbourne to discuss the IWA methodology. Arising from this Workshop, WSAA commissioned the production of customised Software and an Associated User Manual known as “Benchloss”, to promote and facilitate the application of the IWA recommended methodology throughout Australia. The paper will describe the development and application of “Benchloss” to date, with a comparison of Australian performance data against an International Data Set used by the Water Losses Task Force.

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