Several mathematical models and commercial computer codes are available to assess the behaviour of a hydraulic network both at peak demands and in 24 hour operation. Could a new model add some value to the prestigious existing ones? Are we really at the end of the research path in this field? These questions are to be answered in the present paper. A new concept of optimization is presented for water distribution modelling: a concept based on life-cycle cost analysis. Introducing a minimum number of parameters, technical and also economic, the authors were able to elaborate a mathematical model for optimization. The corresponding computer code’s capabilities are related both to the design of brand new networks and to the rehabilitation of old ones. The speed of the code allows, among others, a real-time optimization simulation for an existing network, making it a valuable operational tool. Finally the code has been tested on several networks and has been validated with very good results, being a simple tool that is easy to handle and capable of exchanging input and output data with practically any other similar software or graphic tool.

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