The aim of this paper is to present current work to develop a system of performance indicators (PI) for wastewater services undertaken under the auspices of IWA and coordinated by LNEC. Present day wastewater utilities manage their services and systems in an increasingly demanding and complex way. For this reason, it is important to support their work and decision processes with the best available tools in order to deliver services with the most effective and efficient performance. The paper focuses on proposed performance indicators (PIs) for wastewater services and on the main aspects of PI assessment. These are based on data related to: environmental, operational, personnel, physical, quality of service and economic and financial performance. Data are mostly made available through the various common-use information systems in the utilities. This IWA forum has been important not only for the dissemination of the work already developed but also as promotion of a wider discussion to enhance the final draft version of the IWA Manual of Best Practice due for publication in 2003.

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