Despite water scarcity and high agricultural water consumption in the Middle East and North Africa region, substantial amounts of treated wastewater are discharged into seas without proper utilization. This can be attributed to either farmers' unwillingness to use or to pay for reclaimed wastewater. Therefore, a field survey was conducted in Jordan and Tunisia, which are considered as representative to the MENA region, using a prepared and pilot tested questionnaire. This study applies the contingent valuation method to elicit the willingness of farmers to pay for reclaimed wastewater. Logistic regression analysis is applied in an attempt to build a model that correlates qualitative responses of farmers to monetary stimuli. The water price seriously affects farming profitability and farmers' willingness to pay for reclaimed wastewater. Farmers prove to be unwilling to pay more than 0.05 $/m3 of reclaimed wastewater primarily because of quality concerns, comparatively easy access to freshwater, and price.

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