In the discussion of fees for water supply services, companies are increasingly searching for effective measures to improve their economic management. Benchmarking is a management tool to identify room for improvement in undertakings. Focussing the processes in a water supply service can show measures to enhance the company's activities. A pilot project at the University of the Federal Armed Forces Munich was started in 2001 to test the method of Process-Benchmarking with two German water supply services. Therefore a system methodology was designed for water supply services with drinking water dams. Afterwards the systematic was successfully tested by implementing the companies' data. The administration of these undertakings was especially focussed in this project because it is a very large part of a company in respect to the employees and the amount of the expenses and its work has effects on all other parts. Room for improvements could be found for both water supply services and measures were designed to be implemented. The analysis of the administration in the described project was beneficial to raise the companies' efficiency. It showed that this method can be useful and is important for any other field of activity, too.

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