Compact flofilter of dissolved air flotation and GAC deep bed filtration is a good integrated procedure, having the following characteristics: flotation and filtration are integrated in one tank, the flotation unit is above the filtration unit, filtration is GAC deep bed, and conventional and advanced treatments are integrated in one tank. During the treatment of algae-laden raw water with compact flofilter of dissolved air flotation and GAC deep bed filtration, the general performance was good: the outlet algae-count was 1.21×105–1.26×106 cell/l, the average removal of algae was 95.4%, the outlet chl-a was 0.68 μg/l, the removal of chl-a was 92.2%, the outlet turbidity was 0.16–0.20 NTU, the outlet had no odor, the outlet color was 3, the removal of color was 86.4%, the outlet Al-residual was 0.011 mg/l. Good removal of organics can be achieved: the average removal of UV254 was 54.3%, the outlet UV254 was 0.016–0.018 cm−1, the removal of DOC was 29.6%, the outlet DOC was 1.608 mg/l, the removal of BDOC was 42.6%, the outlet BDOC was 0.120 mg/l, the removal of AOC was 72.2%, the outlet AOC was 52 μg/l. Filter run period and UFRV were 36 h and 504 m3/m2. The results show that flofilter is a good alternative process for conventional treatment plus GAC adsorption.

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