This study presents the results of an evaluation which provides the necessary decision making tools before to put into operation a System of Reclamation and Reuse Wastewater (SRRWW), in the way to assure the economic viability of the project. This system contributes to improve the sanitary conditions in Jiutepec, Mexico. The applied methodology considers the identification, quantification and economical evaluation of different impacts, private and external, selecting the alternatives that maximize the total benefit. The alternative of the industrial park of CIVAC is the most profitable for the reuse with a maximum benefit of 0.4591 USD/m3. With the idea of recovering all the SRRWW costs, the minimum price of sale of the regenerated water should be 0.2751 USD/m3. Even though all the impacts were not economically evaluated, it does not affect the result on investment decision, since the impacts without evaluating only will increase the benefits of the selected systems.

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