Jordan's population is projected to reach 6.5 million by 2010. Limited water does not meet present or projected demands, groundwater levels are dropping, and industrialization is increasing pressure on water resources and the environment. The agricultural sector alone uses approximately 70% of total water resources. Wastewater represents a resource that can help fill Jordan's gap between supply and demand. While approximately 80% of the over 80 MCM of wastewater/yr is currently reused, only a fraction is formalized with permitting and adherence to reuse guidelines. The Jordanian government seeks to embrace reclaimed resources in national water resources planning through recognized/regulated reuse implementation activities. A multi-sectoral project is being performed to help reach this goal in Jordan and worldwide, sharing lessons learned in increasing access to reused water, and involving performance of four demonstration projects with an aim toward developing replicable operational conditions that support sustainability/enhance expansion of treated wastewater reuse in Jordan.

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