In order to analyze and determine the daily release decisions of each dam in coordination with other dams in the basin for real-time operation, we developed a multiple objective mixed-integer goal programming (MOMIGP) model. We assumed that there are monthly target storages which have to be attained, and that the daily inflows for the next few days could be predicted in advance, while using the yearly averages thereafter. To account for the effect of daily river-routing, the lagged time water conveyance as a function of the volume of water released is incorporated into the model. With a multiple objective model, it is desirable to provide the DM (decision maker) with a wide range of choices of Pareto-optimal solutions. We suggest the use of the convex hull of individual maxima based interactive tchebycheff procedure (CBITP), in order to provide the DM with the most preferred daily release decisions in coordination with other dams in the basin.

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