Traditional knowledge from the ancient techniques and practices of a territory passed on through the generations and used for water harvesting, soil management, use and protection of natural areas, rural architecture, and for organising urban centres. Today, traditional knowledge is in danger and its disappearance would not only cause the loss of people's capability to keep and pass on the artistic and natural heritage, but also the loss of an extraordinary source of knowledge and cultural diversity from which appropriate innovative solutions could be derived today and in the future. UNESCO launched a global programme for an inventory assigned to IPOGEA -Research Centre on Traditional and Local Knowledge. The project gathers and protects historical knowledge and promotes and certifies innovative practices based on the modern re-proposal of tradition as well. The main targets are the firms, the natural areas, and the historical centres which will be assigned quality trademarks and acknowledgements of international excellence in production or use of good practices and innovative solutions. Each technology, proposition and experience achieved will provide a spin-off on an international scale and each good practice will contribute to safeguarding the whole planet.

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