Limenoscope is a web based database aiming at promoting the cultural heritage regarding ancient Greek harbours and disseminate the relevant information equally to the general public and to researchers with an interest in that particular cognitive field. The scope of the project is the realization of a database, where one can search for concise information relevant to the historical role, the topography, the morphology, as well as the technical works and installations of ancient harbours in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The Database started off with the registration of harbours located in the Aegean Sea and Cyprus, dating from Archaic to Byzantine times. Special emphasis is laid on the bibliographical update of the data forms of the harbour sites, as well as on the related references in ancient literature. The database enables the locating of these sites on a general map, where photographs, plans etc. are also archived. The principles of the database structure are briefly presented along with an example, that of the harbour of Phalasarna, among the harbours registered therein.

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