Water shortage and the future threat posed by changing climatic conditions has intensified the need for the development of appropriate water management approaches, which aim at keeping a balance between water supply and demand.

Losses from water distribution systems must be of concern to every water utility, especially in areas of our planet where water is found in very limited quantities. It is therefore imperative that water utilities apply simple and effective methodologies in accounting for water losses from their transmission and distribution systems. The Water Loss Task Force (WLTF) of the International Water Association (IWA) has established a water audit method, which traces water from its source right through the system and derives at the end the revenue and non-revenue component, in other words is a methodology for water accountability and an integrated approach to water loss control.

The Water Board of Lemesos, Cyprus recognised at a very early stage the importance and significance of establishing a proper water audit system and has over the years developed its infrastructure in such a way in order to be able to account efficiently and accurately for all water produced. Reduction and control of water loss was achieved through the application of a holistic strategy based on the approach developed by the WLTF of the IWA. Integral part of this approach is the establishment and operation of DMAs.

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