In order to investigate the accuracy and reproducibility of the parameters SDI (silt density index) and MFI (modified fouling index), tests in diverse conditions were performed: with three different types of filter holder, two microfilter pore sizes, with and without permeate spacer and with two foulants (alginate as organic foulant and silica flour as the particulate). Additionally the effect of pressure on fouling indices was analysed. It was concluded, that there is a need to define more boundary conditions in the ASTM standard (exact type of filter holder, exact type of membrane, start conditions) for the SDI to achieve a parameter with reliable and comparable values. But in comparison to MFI, SDI seems to be a more robust parameter for a use in practice pertaining to the influence of a feed pressure level and the effective membrane area. The MFI gives more insights in acting mechanisms and offers advantages for research. It shows a correlation to a concentration of particulate or organic foulants. Like the SDI, it is necessary to define and standardize exact boundary conditions for the MFI tests (classified by the use of MF, UF or NF filter media).

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