The present paper represents a realization of a poly-energy four-stage still, it can operate with three different energies: electrical resistance (photovoltaic panel), photo-thermal solar collector and vegetable or animal waste. In this work, the effect of the position and the number of trays on the water productivity of a multi effect still was experimentally investigated for the first time. A plate was used then placed in different heights then two and three and finally four trays. It is concluded that the effect of the tray position has a great influence on the production of distilled water in contrast to the number of trays, when increasing the number of trays, the production of the distilled water is increased. The maximum production obtained from distilled water is 1 l/h.m². The use of a solar panel for the production of distilled water is unnecessary in oil-producing countries where energy is subsidized. These devices or their components are generally imported and cost very expensive. The damping time of these devices is very long.

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