In this research, the integrated carbon dioxide power cycle with a geothermal energy source to supply the required reverse osmosis desalination power for freshwater production is defined. It is also a carbon dioxide power cycle, coupled with thermal energy recovery of infrared energy of liquid natural gas (LNG) to generate more power. A sodium hypochlorite generator is considered to prevent the brine water discharging. The brine water portion of the desalination outlet was the input to this generator. The cycling power is consumed by the desalination system and sodium hypochlorite generator. After modeling, the advanced exergy analyses are studied. By exergy analysis, it is observed that in this model the condenser has the highest exergy destruction rate, equal to 952 kW. Additionally, the unavoidable part of the exergy destruction of carbon dioxide turbine constitutes 88% of its exergy destruction that is equal to 301 kW. So this component is the best option to improve exergy destruction.

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