Spillways are constructed to evacuate the flood discharge safely not to let the flood wave overtop the dam body. There are different types of spillways, ogee type being the conventional one. Stepped spillway is an example of nonconventional spillways. The turbulent flow over stepped spillway was studied numerically by using the Flow-3D package. Different fluid flow characteristics such as longitudinal flow velocity, temperature distribution, density and chemical concentration can be well simulated by Flow-3D. In this study, the influence of slope changes on flow characteristics such as air entrainment, velocity distribution and dynamic pressures distribution over the stepped spillway was modelled by Flow-3D. The results from the numerical model were compared with the experimental study done by others in the literature. Two models of the stepped spillway with different discharge for each model was simulated. The turbulent flow in the experimental model was simulated by the Renormalized Group (RNG) turbulence scheme in the numerical model. A good agreement was achieved between the numerical results and the observed ones, which were exhibited in terms of graphics and statistical tables.

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