In order to reasonably evaluate the ecological environment of Dari County in source region of the Yellow River, the characteristics and actual conditions of Dari County's ecological environment is taken into account, and the principles of representativeness, scientificity, operability and systematicness of index is followed. An evaluation index system is established for Dari County based on the Pressure-State-Response (PSR) conceptual framework. Combining the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) with the cloud model, an ecological environment evaluation model for Dari County is established, and the ecological environment of Dari County is quantitatively evaluated.The model organically combines the ambiguity and randomness of the uncertainty concept. It not only describes the ambiguity of the evaluation level with a membership function, but also considers the randomness of the membership itself using the concept of superentropy, which is more in line with the actual evaluation object.The results indicate that the ecological situation of Dari County is in a ‘general’ state which is urgent to be protected for sustainable development, and land degradation is the most important factor affecting the ecological environment of Dari County.

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