More and more the problem of water losses and leakages in water supply systems is becoming important in the management of water utilities. No matter how developed a country is, there is a growing and general awareness of this subject. Among the several motivations that contribute to this growing concern are, without doubt, the shortage of resources availability in several water supply systems on the one hand and, on the other hand, the economic value of the volume of water lost. Portugal is no exception. In recent years, there has been some dynamism in the sector in the accounting, control, leakages and loss detection, mainly in the biggest systems. This paper presents an approach to the control of water leakages and losses through the setting of performance indicators that allow the evaluation and characterization of the management entity for this aspect. Some results of those indicators will also be described here, as well as their application to several Portuguese water utilities and the assessment methodology of the results obtained. This paper also puts into evidence expressions and correlation curves between the different indicators and factors that directly or indirectly interfere in the result of the water utilities’ performance with relation to the water losses and leakages presented.

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