We proposed a new process for ozone decomposition of hazardous chemicals in organic solution concentrated from water into the solution by using adsorbent or air-stripping. The target compounds studied were chlorophenols and TCE. Chlorophenols were adsorbed from water and desorbed into organic solutions like acetic acid by GAC and synthetics adsorbents, SP850 and SP207. The best adsorbent both for adsorption and desorption into acetic acid solution was synthetis one, SP850, and percent desorption was 100%. GAC was good for adsorption, but was not for desorption. Although more than 800 mg-TCE L−1 in acetic acid solution was decomposed by ozonation, little decrease in the decomposition rate was noted indicating that acetic acid can be reused for the next step of ozonation in the same acetic acid solution.

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