The water saving project, Saragossa, water saving city. 50 Good Practices aims to resolve the problems of water scarcity with a different approach which is cheaper, more ecological and free from social conflicts: increasing the efficiency of its use. It seeks to provide a model to be imitated by the more than 9,000 Spanish towns which waste over 1,500 hm3 of water per year.

In 1997 a collective challenge was put forward: to save 1 billion litres of water in one year. In fact 1,176 billion litres was saved, 5.6% of domestic consumption. 50 Good Practices in efficient water use are currently being worked on. As we have demonstrated in the project, technological change is produced via imitation. The Hospital Royo Villanova, with a consumption of 382 litres per bed per day, is one such example to imitate; this is one of the best ratios in the world. Today Saragossa has one of the lowest ratios of domestic consumption per inhabitant per day in Spain: 96 litres.

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