The objective of this study was to compare the adsorption capabilities of the virgin carbon to the twelve and five times reactivated granular activated carbon (GAC). From a water treatment plant operator's perspective, there were very few practical differences in adsorption among the carbons tested for total organic carbon (TOC) and disinfection byproduct (DBP) precursors. However, some overall trends were observed. The GAC that was regenerated 5 times (R5) generally showed greater DBP precursor adsorption than the other GACs especially at the beginning of the runs. In some cases the carbon that was reactivated 12/13 times (R12 and R13) adsorbed slightly less DBP precursors than the other GACs especially in the latter part of the runs. The virgin (V) carbon performed better than the other GACs relative to DBP precursor removal in the latter part of the runs.

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