A case study on the treatment and reuse of backwash water from Chang-Hsing Water Treatment Plant (CHWTP) and Swan-Sea Water Treatment Plant (SSWTP) of Taipei Water Department was conducted. Both backwash waters showed different properties. However, the characteristics of each backwash water did not vary considerably among samples taken during different time. Results from jar tests indicated that both polyaluminium chloride (PACl) and alum could result in effective removal of turbidity. Both DOC and absorbance of UV254 decreased slightly with increasing coagulant dosage. In continuous operation of backwash water recycle in pilot study in CHWTP, it was found that treated water quality was not affected by two different modes of recycle: intermittent recycle at ratio of 1:7 (backwash water:raw water) and continuous recycle at ratio of 1:42. In the pilot study in SSWTP, no impact was found on the introduction of backwash water at recycle ratio of 4, 6 and 8%, regardless of whether the backwash water was recycled directly or went through 3 min pre-sedimentation before it is recycled. Further study on the impact of typhoon on treatment and recycle of backwash water was recommended.

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